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BIO : Nancy Alexander is a psychotherapist who has devoted her professional life to helping those in need. She has worked with psychiatric inpatients and outpatients, child abuse and domestic violence and chronically ill children. She has developed and provided mental health training programs, advocated socially constructive legislation and presented her work at numerous conferences.
Since she retired, Nancy co-developed an on-line educational training series, using psychodrama for trauma survivors. For twenty years, she operated a private psychotherapy practice, providing intensive, reconstructive services to adult survivors of childhood trauma.
After publishing several short stories, she launched her ‘Elisabeth Reinhardt’ series with Relentless, which concretized her love of psycho-thrillers and her interest in psychotherapy. With Seeing Double, first in her ‘Olive Branch’ series, she addressed conflicts swirling through the Middle East, its complicated history and enduring multi-cultural dilemmas. In Twisted Realms, Nancy returns to the Elisabeth Reinhardt series and explores the psychological complexity and intensity of duelling antagonists. Her writing seamlessly integrates her in-depth knowledge of the human mind and her keen sensitivity to interpersonal and moral dilemmas.

Nancy lives in Columbia, MD. She is the president of the Howard County Chapter of MWA; she has two children, four grandchildren, a Golden Retriever, a Himalayan mix and a bearded dragon.

PRESENTING : The Psychology of Character Development


James Burd Brewster

BIO : James Burd Brewster is the author of the successful Glad To Do It! series of picture books (GladToDoIt.net) and is the president of J2B Publishing (J2BLLC.com), an indie press dedicated to publishing “Enjoyable Poetry” and “Good Books for Young Boys and Girls.” He is also a musician, actor, playwright, producer, Christian, Rotarian, husband, father of 5, and grandfather of 7.

The genesis of his writing career was as a storyteller in 1988 entertaining his two oldest boys with fireman stories. It burst forth in 2012 during a creative writing class given by Professor Wayne Karlin and resulted in the fourteen Uncle Rocky – Fireman, Officer Jack, and EMT Morales picture books that honor public service and have kids and parents saying, “Glad to do it!”

Jim was raised in New England, learned to sail on Lake Champlain, navigated a polar icebreaker to Alaska, and served a career in the United States Coast Guard. He and Katie raised and homeschooled five children and have seven grandchildren.

He is a member of the Maryland Writers Association, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Life Journeys Writers Guild. His work has been presented for several years at the Gaithersburg Book Festival, Charles County Fair, National Oyster Festival, the Baltimore Book Festival, and the College Park Book Festival. He has given his presentation on writing and publishing children’s book to school groups, at conferences and retreat centers, and to Optimist and Rotary clubs. His school reading program is in high demand and garners rave reviews. His short stories and poems have been published in the Connections Magazine and Pen in Hand.

PRESENTING : Writing and Publishing Picture Books



BIO : Austin S. Camacho was born in New York City but grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York. He majored in psychology at Union College in Schenectady, New York. There he read a number of good books, learned to tell good beer from bad, and became a brother in the Alpha Delpha Phi fraternity. Actually, the frat was largely responsible for the books and the beer.
Dwindling finances and escalating costs brought his college days to an end after three years. Then came the factory work, the five years selling insurance, and finally, the Army. He enlisted as a weapons repairman but soon moved into a more appropriate field. The Army trained him to be a broadcast journalist. Disc jockey time alternated with news writing, video camera and editing work public affairs assignments and news anchor duties.
During his thirteen years as a soldier, Austin lived in Missouri, California, Maryland, Georgia and Belgium. He also spent a couple of exciting weeks in Israel during Desert Storm, covering the action with the Patriot missile crews and capturing scud showers on video tape. While enlisted he finished his Bachelor’s Degree at night and started his Master’s, and rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class. And in his spare moments, he began writing adventure and mystery novels set in some of the exotic places he’d visited.
After leaving the Army in 1996 he continued writing military news for the Defense Department as a civilian, frequently serving as on air anchor for the American Forces Information Service. Today he does public affairs work for the DoD agency charged with guarding the health of service members when they are deployed. He has settled in northern Virginia with his wife Denise.
When he’s not writing Austin likes to run along the shores of the Potomac, watch action films, and shoot – at paper targets, not live ones. He is a voracious reader of just about any kind of nonfiction, plus mysteries, adventures and thrillers.

PRESENTING : How the Plot Thickens


Denise Camacho-LR

BIO : Denise Camacho is the president of Intrigue Publishing, LLC. She has been in the publishing business for over 15 years. Her experience ranges from vanity presses, print-on-demand and self-publishing.

PRESENTING : Social Media for Authors : 101



BIO : After being retired for a year, Sharon S. Campbell became an advocate for people on a budget needing to make their best decisions when signing up for their Medicare options. Why? Because that’s when she found she had received incorrect advice in making her Medicare decisions (healthcare that would serve her the rest of her life). So, she worked to find the correct answers for herself and then everyone else. True to her survey development and analysis, as well as her management training background, she researched, pre-tested and published her workshop-in-a-book “Medicare Enrollment Personal Workbook” through CreateSpace.

Panelist : The Retired Writer

Michele Chynoweth


BIO : Michele Chynoweth is the award-winning author of The Faithful One, The Peace Maker and The Runaway Prophet, edgy, contemporary suspense novels based on Bible stories; she is also an inspirational speaker, book coach, marketing expert and writing instructor for Cecil College in her hometown of North East, MD. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, she and her husband have a blended family of five children.

PRESENTING : Finding My Market in Mainstream