Welcome to the Annual Maryland Writers’ Conference held by The Maryland Writer’s Association!

We’re a 30 year old non-profit in Maryland dedicated to educating, promoting and supporting Maryland writers from all over our great state.  We have over 400+ members with 30+ chapters who host a number of exciting local events to support our lush artistic members.

Every year, we host our signature event – The Maryland Writers’ Conference.  This is a special time for everyone in Maryland (whether you’re a member of MWA or not) to come together for an enriching couple of days to network, learn and meet face-to-face with Editors and Agents.



This Year’s Theme


This year we’re celebrating your ideas, the writing process and how to take your vision from your brain straight to the bookshelf.  Whether you’re writing a screenplay, a novel, a poem or even a web series we all have things we can learn to perfect our skills and practice our pitch.