Creative Wordplay: Using Dialogue and Exposition to Advance Plots and Scenes in Challenging and Extraordinary Ways

Presenter : Rick Ollerman

Description: This workshop will be a hands-on, writing-intensive session, using modified examples from published works that will show you the effects of zigging instead of zagging, going beyond the conventional and stretching your imagination to find new ways to connect your prose. We will be working with a series of handouts and encouraging a lively back and forth discussion between the writers and the instructor so that by the end of the session you will see new patterns and new ways of thinking of your words and work.

Workshop : The Psychology of Character Development

Presenter : Nancy Alexander

Description: In this workshop: “The Psychology of Character Development” Nancy will focus on a fundamental topic — the human mind. How to understand it and how to write about it. Whether writing science fiction, thrillers or romance, we as writers are always working to understand why we do what we do. We are fundamentally fascinated by our minds, motives, feelings, needs and aspirations. In all we do, we seek to explore, discuss, describe, justify and understand the dynamics of human behaviour.
In this presentation, we will explore and address our commonalities, depictions of aberrant behaviour and discover how a strong, realistic psychological perspective can enrich our characters and enhance our creativity.

Workshop : What Our Stories Can Teach Us about What’s Real

Presenter : Robin Stevens Payes

Description: This interactive workshop is designed for teen writers and creators of all sorts who love storytelling in all media—fiction, creative nonfiction, graphic novel, animation, slam poetry, songwriting and makers projects. Using Edge of Yesterday ( and other examples, Payes will guide young writers through exercises to share their storytelling abilities through improvisation, fun prompts, and other creative exercises from the Edge of Yesterday web site.

Workshop : How the Plot Thickens

Presenter : Austin Camacho 

Description: To hold a reader’s attention, your story needs a strong structure, good pacing, and interesting conflict. This session will show you how to combine those elements to create a storyline that will draw your reader in and hold him or her all the way to the big finish.

Workshop : The Forgotten Discipline : Fiction Craftsmanship

Presenter : Tom Glenn

Description: Writing first-rate fiction requires creativity and craftsmanship, sometimes called technique or style. Creativity is innate; it can be nurtured but not taught. But craftsmanship is a learnable skill required to produce a publishable manuscript. This presentation offers the rudiments of craftsmanship unique to fiction—basic reference materials, formatting, copy editing, and wording and structure, with a primer on the construction of dialogue. The lecture is accompanied by slides, and each participant receives a handout recapping the major points.

Workshop : 5 Steps to Self-Publishing Success

Presenter : Allyson Machate

Description: With so many options, it can be difficult to navigate your way to self-publishing success. But if you want great results, you need to get real! Just copying what indie phenoms like Amanda Hocking or J.A. Konrath are doing may not work for you—you need a plan designed for your type of book and your particular situation. This presentation will give you a simple five-step roadmap while revealing crucial industry secrets to help you get past the 100-copy ceiling that disheartens so many self-publishers.