Why should I attend a conference?

Writing is a solitary task. We are often lost in our own word world. Conferences give writers an opportunity to network with others facing their struggles, learn from and interact with industry professionals and have a good time doing so.

I’ve never been to a conference. What can you tell me about attending?

Step out of your shell and meet new people. Don’t go through this alone. Before breakfast on Saturday we have chapter meetings scheduled. Come meet others in your chapter. If you’re shy, reach out to your chapter president or to event staff in advance.

Do not bring your manuscript to the event.

Do not follow agents into the bathroom.

Do bring business cards. You will meet a lot of people and business cards make exchanging information convenient.

Do your research. This cannot be stressed enough. If you’re interested in pitching to an agent or editor know who they are, who they represent, what they love to read. Be able to recognize them by sight, you never know when you might be standing next to them in an elevator.

Book a hotel room. After hours socializing at the bar is one of the greatest advantages if a conference. The best deals happen over drinks.

What should I wear?

Dress attire is business casual.

Do I need to preregister for the workshops?

No. Once you register for the conference you have access to all of the workshops and panels we offer.

Do I have to choose one workshop track to follow all day long?

No. Each writer’s journey is a personal experience and only you know what you need. You can mix and match workshops and panels. The conference is here for you.