Workshop : Finding My Market in Mainstream

Presenter : Michele Chynoweth

Description : Sure you want the world to read your book…and it might be that it’s good enough to appeal to a universal audience. But the reality today is that, in order to compete with the millions of books out there, you need to find your niche and build your market from there. That doesn’t mean you can’t write “mainstream” fiction…it’s just that you need to hone your genre and marketing strategies. Award-winning author and marketing expert Michele Chynoweth will share tips on how to narrow your niche to sell more books, and how building your platform is like building a fire – how to start with kindling and fan the flames until your book takes off like wildfire!

Workshop : Writing a Thriller : Part One and Two

Presenter : John Gilstrap

Description : Award-winning and New York Times bestselling thriller author John Gilstrap presents a two-hour seminar on the construction of an intelligent thriller. Over the past three decades, the commercial thriller has developed as a genre unto itself. Through lively lectures and a few writing exercises, you’ll get a chance to peek at the skeleton that gives structure to the stories that keep us reading long into the night.


Workshop : New Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade: What Am I Writing, and Whom Am I Writing It For?

Presenter : Wende Dikec

Description : In the ever-changing world of publishing, few genres have caused as much analysis, speculation, and confusion as books written for teens and tweens. In this workshop we’ll look at the following:

1. How do you define these genres?
2. What are the rules and caveats for writing each one?
3. How much is too much, and where do you draw the lines on sexuality and content?
4. Who is your reader, and why is the need to know and understand your audience so important?
5. Why do the lines sometimes get blurred when you cross over to other genres?
6. How can you choose the best way to market your work?

Bring along a few paragraphs from your work in progress, and we’ll do our best to guess its genre. I’ll also help you get to the heart of what your story is really about, so you can create a clear pitch that will appeal to both agents and editors.

Workshop : Finding the Fantastic in Poetry

Presenter : J.A. Grier, Ph.D.

Description : Come dabble in the legends and lore of fantasy poetry! This 50 min workshop is for anyone who wants to expand their appreciation of either poetry or fantasy. Writers who haven’t tried poetry will find a new mode of expression, while established poets will find new inspiration. Everyone will come out with at least one draft poem, as well as having a “magical” experience!

Workshop : Writing and Publishing Picture Books

Presenter : James Burd Brewster

Description : Writing and Publishing Picture Books walks interested authors through the entire process of creating and producing picture books which includes finding ideas, understanding the abilities of children, selecting a book format, Text vs. Verse, finding and working with an illustrator, the value of professional editing, and becoming published. Attendees will gain a good understanding of the steps in the process and will develop a confidence that they can successfully navigate the process and produce a picture book that children and parents will enjoy.