Two Part Workshops

These robust workshops could not be contained into one slot! Join us for these two part presentations!

Title : The Importance and Purpose of Dialogue

Presenter : Judy Kelly

Description : The presentation will address the importance and purposes of dialogue as used in novels and short stories. The presentation is an in-depth analysis of how dialogue relates to character, plot, tone and setting through examining samples of dialogue. This will be an opportunity for writers to look at their dialogue and find ways to improve it to give more definition to the characters and to carry out the overall purpose and plot of the story. The presentation is a craft workshop and concentrates on the craft of writing dialogue in novels as well as short stories. It is a deeper analysis of samples of dialogue to see what makes it great dialogue.


Title : Publishers, Publicists, and a Reading Public: A Debut Author’s Lessons in Small Press Publishing

Presenter : Jenny Yacovissi

Description : This two-part workshop arms pre-debut authors with real-world, practical information as they begin to consider the available paths to publication. Part I, Publication & Distribution, focuses on setting expectations, becoming educated about publishing choices, and understanding details like the publication calendar and book distribution. Part II, Publicity & Marketing, discusses the different concepts of publicity and marketing, what it means to work with a publicist, ways to make best use of the calendar, and the criticality of getting attention for your book ahead of publication.


Title : Creating Powerful Scenes

Presenter : Michael Hauge

Description : Great scenes – in both scripts and novels:

  • Draw the reader into a unique reality
  • Create empathy and identification with the characters
  • Bring compelling desires and insurmountable conflicts to life
  • Contribute to character growth and theme
  • Weave magic with words
  • Elicit bigger-than-life emotions

With an abundance of examples, Michael will reveal the elements of action, description and dialogue that will insure the overall success of your story.

You will learn:

  • The essential components of a well written scene
  • What every scene MUST accomplish
  • The path to mastering action, description and dialogue
  • The secrets of effective editing