Conference chairs can register at a discount! Contact Conference@MarylandWriters.org for more information.

Volunteering – The Way to Really Experience a Conference

After my experience at the 2017 MWA Writers’ Conference, I am 100% sold on volunteering. In fact, I volunteered to be the registration chair for the 2018 conference. Helping behind the scenes gave me a unique networking advantage.  I met the attendees and greeted the agents and editors as they arrived. I also got to know the MWA board members and other volunteers.

From my vantage point working the registration table, I was able to talk with speakers in between sessions. I was working. They were waiting. It was easy to start up a conversation. I don’t think I could have approached them cold.

And, the best part, having spoken to agents a couple of times before actually pitching to them, I was more comfortable sharing my elevator speech. I mentioned to one I was currently working on a WW2 story about hidden children. Imagine my surprise and delight, when she sought me out to point out a man she just spoke with who was a hidden child. Amazing!

We need all types of volunteers to put on a conference. You can volunteer a little or it can be a lot. Bottom line, we need you. It’s work – yes, but it’s also a heck of a lot of fun! It is the best way to really experience a conference!

See you there!

Katherine Melvin